About Kings and Priests

Our mission is to develop Godly masculinity in the Church and, through the Word of God, help men fulfill the duties to which God has called them.

Kings- Men should be leaders and protectors in their homes and communities. As fathers and husbands they should be an example to their families. A boy should learn to be a Godly man from his father, and a daughter should be able to see what a Godly husband looks like based on how her father treats her mother. A husband should be a shield for his wife, a provider, and a leader that is worth following. He should be someone his family and community can count on.

Priests- Men should be the spiritual leader of the home. A man’s family should be able to follow him as he follows Christ. He is a spiritual covering for his wife and kids and a source of Godly council for them.

Statistically, men are under represented at Church here in the United States and around the world. Our goal is to reforge Christian men by highlighting the masculine virtues that have been left out of our churches. The Bible is full of masculine examples. Our churches and communities should be full of masculine Christian men.

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